WLAF (World League Of American Football) Nostalgia

wlaf.wordpress.com – a new home for…

… nostalgia, paraphernalia, and generally just stuff to do with what was once the WLAF (World League Of American Football), and then eventually NFL Europa.

It may not have lasted as long as we would have liked, but the WLAF was great whilst we had it. Although criticized in many quarters, it still was a league with a great deal of colour and character; and a buzz that something really special was happening to Gridiron as an International sport.

So my hope is this site can provide a centralised collection for geekdom of all manner to do with WLAF. Stats, Team Info, Player Info, Rosters, Results, Clippings, Photos, Video Footage (if there is any?), Video Game Modifications and anything we can cobble together.

If you have any ideas or info get involved